IVA® – Gas Collection Cylinders

Send Your Samples In For IVA® Testing

Use gas collection cylinders to obtain your own gas samples for IVA® testing with ORS. Gas collection cylinders are specially designed to collect gases right from the source – your hermetically sealed equipment. The cylinders include two high vacuum valves and are shipped under 10-8 torr to enable the sampling of unpressurized sources.

How They Work

Collect samples of low pressure process stream gases or dry box atmosphere gases.

Low Pressure Process Stream

  • Connect the cylinder to your gas supply using gas-tight fittings.
  • Open both valves to allow the gas to flow through the cylinder.
  • Close the valves and trap the gas in the cylinder.

Dry Box Atmosphere

  • Install the cylinder in the dry box via an air lock.
  • Open the valves and let the atmosphere flow into the cylinder.
  • Connect a vacuum line if necessary to facilitate the circulation of atmosphere.
  • Once stabilized, close the valves.


Ship cylinders in for Internal Vapor Analysis with ORS. Our test results can be used to determine the gas composition and moisture levels of the gas within the cylinders, which in turn can alert you to leaks and other potential issues with your equipment.

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