Package Gas Analysis Testing Services

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Internal Vapor Analysis (IVA®)

IVA® is used to quantitatively measure the primary and trace gases inside hermetic components. The gas content inside sealed components, particularly moisture concentration, can cause long term reliability problems such as corrosion, fogging, leakage, current bit errors and lubrication issues. Known to some as Residual Gas Analysis (RGA) or “Mil-Std 1018”, the test measures the primary sealing gases and trace gases. It is ideally suited for process development, sealing quality control, studying long term out-gassing of the enclosed materials inside the components, and for product qualification.

Package Gas Analysis

TOF (Time Of Flight) IVA®

Services using our HR-IVA® (High Resolution IVA®) Analyzer for testing cavity gases in very small volume packages. This technology provides tremendous sensitivity to package volumes < 0.1cc compared to standard Quadrupole techniques. Quantitative results down to 0.0006 atm·cc, and qualitative measurements of smaller gas samples.

Gas Cylinder Analysis

Gas Cylinder Analysis is available for collecting representative samples of sealing and process gases. Monitoring the process stream gas and dry box atmosphere are essential for bench marking initial sealing conditions.

Materials Outgassing & Characterization Studies

Materials Outgassing & Characterization Studies services have been developed by us as a method to characterize the outgassing of a large variety of samples. Testing to be performed via IVA®.

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