Moisture Graph

IVA Gas Analysis results are generally expressed in Volume Concentrations. It is interesting to know what is the corresponding state (Gas, Liquid/Dew or Ice/Frost) especially because failure mechanisms can be triggered by the presence of liquid Moisture.
The graph below visualizes Moisture state depending on Ambient Temperature and Volume Concentration. Relative Humidity is also displayed for the Gas state.
You can input the total pressure of the gas sample (in mBar) and the “ppmv of Interest” with highlighted Dew/Frost Point value on the scale.
For the particular case of hermetic packages sealed at elevated temperature, the total pressure at room temperature may be significantly lower than 1 atmosphere. You can input a Sealing Temperature and toggle its us in the graph by clicking on the text “Sealing Temperature (°C)” ; then visualize the effect on the Moisture state.

The formulas used for the conversions come from General Eastern (Wobum, MA USA). This information is believed to be reliable, but we don’t make any warranty express or implied, as to its accuracy and assume no liability out of its use.

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