Analytical Testing Services

Services Overview

Internal Vapor Analysis

Before you go into production of a high-reliability device, it’s critical to test for factors that can cause corrosion, fogging, leakage, current bit errors and lubrication issues over time. We use mass spectrometry to make sure the internal gas compositions and moisture levels of your hermetically sealed components meet industry standards. Ensure the integrity of your components by turning to ORS for IVA® testing.


Hermeticity Testing

Our method of hermeticity testing, known as High Sensitivity Helium Leak Detection (HSHLD®), provides both fine and gross leak testing at once. Hermeticity testing finds and measures leaks in your hermetically sealed packages. It is helpful in preventing contamination, damage, and ultimately device failure. We also perform Helium Sniff Tests and Fluorescent Dye Penetrant Tests to better trace the path of a leak and improve device manufacturing processes.

Material Outgassing Services

This powerful technique is used to identify and quantify outgassed organic compounds. Some organic compounds can be released as gases in response to reactions between material components and the atmosphere in sealed packages.

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