The Krypton-85 Leak Testing method is a highly sensitive technique used to measure fine and gross leak rates in high-reliability devices. It is the preferred method to characterize small leak rates in critical military components.

The advantages of Krypton-85 over other methods include extremely fast test times, lower overall testing cost, lower leak rate detection.

The Krypton-85 method is also capable of finding thermally induced or pressure induced hermetic failures and has proven to be highly effective in the failure analysis process.


  • Radioisotope: Krypton-85 gas
  • Pressurization range: 30-120 psia
  • Minimum detection limit: <1·E-12 atm·cc/sec Air
  • Accuracy: ±10% of value
  • Measurement method: Batch Testing or Read and Record
  • Mil-Std 750 method 1071 condition A, B, G1, G2
  • Mil-Std 883 method 1014 condition B1, B2, B3

Check our interactive tool Oneida RAD™ Equation to compute Pass/Fail criteria (Rad) based on pressurization parameters (molecular flow equation).

Krypton-85 Leak Testing

For further details on the Krypton 85 technique, please visit ORS USA.

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