ORS France Submission Form How To

General considerations

  • This form is designed to be filled, saved, printed and emailed. Full functionalities may not work properly with “non Adobe Acrobat” PDF readers
  • Enter as much information as you can as these are going to show up in the reports
  • You may “pre-fill” your client and company information and save a version of the form as a template
  • Please print this filled form and put a copy with your submission

Client and Company information

  • Please supply a person name as we work for people
  • The email you supply will be used to communicate with you and email your reports
  • The cc email(s) will be used to cc reports

Date and Purchase Order

  • A valid Purchase Order is required to perform the analyzes ; if you do not know it when you submit your samples please make sure to forward it asap
  • Next to the PO you may supply an internal submission reference

Lot Identification

  • This section describes how you identify your lots/batches and samples.
  • Enter as much information as you can as these are going to show up in the reports
  • ESD precautions are used by default but you may explicitly mention that

Hermeticity Testing

  • Hermeticty Testing is not preset and thus optional by default
  • We follow Mil-Std-883 TM 1018 Conditions A2, A5 and C1 ; for any other enquiry please get back to us
  • You can use other units if you clearly specify them
  • Exposure pressure must clearly state absolute (the “a” in “psia”) or gauge/relative (to atmospheric pressure)
  • Conditions A2 and A5 are using Howl-Mann equation

Leak Site Identification

Site Identification is not preset and thus optional by default

Internal Vaport Analysis

  • Internal vapor Analysis (IVA) is preset with default settings. If you do not need IVA click Disable IVA Submission
  • Samples with a cavity volume smaller or equal to 0.03cc or sealed under reduced pressure are tested on our TOF IVA instrument
  • A description of test methods can be found below
  • Prebake is usually 16-24 hrs @ 100°C and may be adjusted in Commercial Pratice (SOP MEL-1053) only
  • Test Temperature is usually 100°C to make sure all available moisture is in gaseous state and may be adjusted in Commercial Pratice (SOP MEL-1053) only
  • Cavity (free) Volume will be “smart” guessed if you do not supply it
  • Device Fill Gas is useful to us to understand unexpected results and is used in the Mil-Std context as pass/fail criteria
  • Internal Pressure is used in conjunction with Cavity Volume to determine optimal test parameters.
  • Puncture Site is usually best determined by our operators to achieve reliable puncture/test but if you have a specific requirement (eg getter location, free space…) you may enter it here
  • Wall Thickness is a valued information when it comes to achieve reliable puncture/test
  • Test Quantity : by default all the supplied samples are tested but you may sepcify any testing quantity rule

Additional Instructions

Please use this space to enter any relevant information for the handling or testing of your samples.

Return Shipment

By default, we return the samples via our shipper but we may use your shipper and account number if you prefer.

Test Methods

SOP MEL-1053: Internal Vapor Analysis (IVA®) – Commercial Practice

This test procedure is used for testing hermetic devices in accordance with ORS’ Commercial Practice for Internal Vapor Analysis. This test method extends the scope and capabilities of traditional Mil-Std 883, Test Method 1018 analysis. It permits variations to the procedure and/or device test conditions to achieve the best test conditions for specific client applications. Client specific protocols may be established for maximum accuracy and sensitivity for product monitoring applications, process development, R&D, materials evaluations and Failure Analysis projects. The data is not subject to inclusion in the annual retention report to DLA Land and Maritime and all records regarding these tests are confidential.

Contact ORS for a copy of this extended test method.

SOP MEL-1018: DLA Land and Maritime Suitability for Military Devices – Internal Gas Analysis

This test procedure is used exclusively for testing hermetic devices in accordance with Mil-Std 883 or 750, Test Method 1018 per the conditions of “Suitability” status granted by DLA Land and Maritime. No variations are permitted to this procedure or to the device test conditions. Furthermore, all tests performed per this procedure are subject to inclusion in the annual retention report to DLA Land and Maritime and all records regarding these tests are subject to audit and inspection by the U.S. Government. Suitability range: 0.0006cc to infinite volume.

  • IVA®: Internal Vapor Analysis utilizing a Quadrupole Mass Spectrometer for sample volumes greater than 0.03cc.
  • TOF-IVA®: High Resolution Internal Vapor Analysis utilizing a custom compact Time-of-Flight (TOF) Mass Spectrometer designed specifically for sample volumes less or equal to 0.03cc and/or vacuum sealed devices.

SOP MEL-1070: Gas Cylinder Analysis of Sealing Chamber Atmospheres

This test method quantitatively measures the process sealing gases sampled from sealing chambers and/or gas supply lines using a specially prepared sampling cylinder. Sampling procedures are described in the instructions provided with the sampling cylinders. Contact ORS for availability and retail sampling cylinders.


  • Please provide a valid Purchase Order and, if requested by your company, a Release Number.
  • Please be sure to specify “Additional Instructions or Restrictions” that should be followed during sample handling, testing or shipment.
  • Unless otherwise requested, test reports will be sent electronically and samples will be returned via ORS shipper
  • All shipping and handling fees associated with the transportation of samples to and from our testing facility, as well as special courier fees for expediting test reports, are the responsibility of the client.
  • Standard IVA® and TOF-IVA® tests are typically completed within 2 – 3 working days. Method development and extraordinary applications may extend this time frame.
  • On-site visits are encouraged and we welcome your personal involvement during sample analysis.
  • IVA® and TOF-IVA® are destructive tests. Damage to internal elements may occur as a result of the test procedure.
  • For additional technical information, please contact us